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Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   BG   ES   GE   MA  

Bazaar is a challenging game that puts you and your child in the middle of a bustling, colorful marketplace trading for exotic merchandise. With a roll of the colored die, players can receive a colored jewel or exchange jewels for other desired colors per the combinations illustrated on one of the exchange cards. Players can then match the jewel patterns pictured on the merchandise cards to trade for valuable wares. Different cards are worth different points. You’ll need all of your strategy skills to obtain the desired merchandise cards and earn the highest score. Players learn a host of higher level skills, including how to process exchanges, to assess the probabilities of gaining certain colors, the value of holding vs. instant gratification, and other valuable strategy skills. Includes 10 exchange cards, 54 merchandise cards, 100 jewels, 1 score pad, basic instructions (and additional instructions for advanced play). Learning benefits include: developing pre-algebra skills, learning how to consider probability, sharpening planning and strategic thinking, sharpening concentration, learning to adapt and change tactics, and understanding the basic principles of currency and exchange.

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