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FunBites LLC -

$12.99     Buy Now

Age range   1 year thru 8 years      

Toy Type   AC   CP   ES  

FunBites cuts kids’ food into bite-sized fun shapes. They make food so much fun that even the pickiest eaters can’t resist. FunBites are made in the USA, mom invented, and BPA free. There are 6 FunBites to choose from: Green and Yellow Squares cut in 12 perfect squares, Pink and Red Hearts design a big heart out of 10 geometric shapes, and Blue and Orange Triangles makes 10 bite-sized triangles. Each FunBites set comes with a curved blade cutter to cut through any food and a matching popper top to pop out the bite-sized pieces. They work great on pancakes, fruit, quesadillas, veggies, brownies and more.

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