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Discovery Putty

Fun and Function -

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Age range   4 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AC   AT   CP   ES  

This is a toy with a purpose. Fun and Function’s Discovery Putty is putty with pieces that allows child to put the pieces in and pull them back out. They will learn names, sizes and colors of each piece. They learn new words and vocabulary. They engage in dialogue and speech while pinching, pulling and getting a fine motor skill workout. You can choose between two themes and resistances, Animal Rescue (medium resistance) or Grab the Goodies (soft resistance), and then watch your children play for hours. While they are playing, children are strengthening their finger muscles, eye-hand coordination, and imagination. Animal Rescue comes with 14 animals hiding in the brown putty waiting to be found and Grab the Goodies comes with 14 fake food pieces. Even adults find it hard to stop digging around in the putty. Discovery Putty was created by occupational therapist Aviva Weiss. After years of hiding paper clips in putty for fine motor skill exercise, she wanted to surprise kids with a more enticing and intriguing putty that had fun objects already inside, something that would encourage them to dig and explore. When it comes to putty, there is more to the substance than meets the eye. Putty is far more than just a polymer. Fun and Function brought kids into the designing process. They tested and rejected putty that was too soft, too hard, too sticky or pieces that were boring, too small or too big. The kids voted and arrived at themes that engage both the fingers and the mind.

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