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DIY Mini Lava Lip Gloss Craft Kit

Fundamental Toys -

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Age range   6 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AC   CP   GP   SC  

Kiss Naturals’ all-natural DIY Mini Lava Lip Gloss kit is a great activity for a lazy afternoon on the porch, a rainy day inside, or for vacation. Kids can spend 20 minutes in the afternoon on a great hands-on activity making the groovy looking, flowing lip gloss, and then use the lip gloss for the rest of the week to keep their lips perfectly shiny. Natural oils are what keep your lips shiny with this groovy ’60s inspired lip gloss. A brightly colored, independently flowing blob of glycerin color stays separate from the clear natural oils in the applicator tube. Just give the tube a shake to see the two layers move and flow, but stay separate. The DIY Mini Lava Lip Gloss Kit is a portable and affordable alternative to Kiss Naturals’ full-size kits, but makes two lip glosses instead of six. Kiss Naturals’ products were created because company founders Mike and Mary’s daughters love to craft and they love lip balm. After many fun hours of experimenting, they came up with a natural recipe that the kids enjoyed making and the family felt safe using. Soon, they were selling the formulation at their country store and it wasn’t long before customers were asking for more. Now, John has come aboard after years in the toy industry to help bring Kiss Naturals’ great products and philosophy of healthy fun to a broader audience. From humble beginnings, Kiss Naturals has grown its line of all-natural recipes that follow their motto: Natural, pure, simple and great fun for kids. Kiss Naturals work to keep its products made in Canada sustainable with highly recyclable product packaging. Products use all natural or nature identical ingredients to keep kids safe, and to give the planet a break.

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