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Balance Boat - Endangered Animals

BeginAgain -

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Age range   3 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   CP   ES   GE   GP   SC   SR   TY   WT  

BeginAgain’s Balance Boat-Endangered Animals helps children develop dexterity, patience, and pretend play skills. Inventing their own games and stories, children stack the brightly colored endangered animals as high as they can, balancing them atop the wooden boat. The animals are also great for pretend play, inspiring story-telling and pretend adventures. Made from eco-friendly rubber wood with non-toxic, child-safe stains. BeginAgain is the latest chapter in the story of Chris Clemmer and David Bowen, toy industry veterans devoted to making responsibly crafted toys that teach through play and nurture the development of the whole child. Both Chris and David began their careers designing products for large toy companies, but after witnessing the harmful environmental impacts of the toy manufacturing process in China, they were compelled to change the way toys are made. Their first company devoted to eco-friendly sourcing and manufacturing was Sprig Toys, which became well known for making toys from a bio-composite of reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. Chris and David’s second company, BeginAgain, launched in the summer of 2011, is focused on thoughtful product design and imaginative storytelling for today's kids. BeginAgain tells the story of Benjamin Barlowe, an old-time Colorado inventor with fantastic tales and ideas on how our things used to be made. Ben’s workshop, writings, drawings, and mechanisms serve as the inspiration behind BeginAgain’s commitment to play with purpose. HOW COMPANY IS GREEN: The BeginAgain workshop focuses on using plant-based materials whenever possible and manufacturing where their natural materials are natively grown. The company uses only plantation-farmed wood, not forest woods, and takes pride in using natural resources wisely. For example, hevea brasiliensis trees—commonly known as rubber trees—provide the wood that is cut and shaped into puzzles, but they also provide sap that is used to make natural rubber bath toys. The rubber wood and natural rubber toys are produced in China where the rubber trees are natively grown, and they use only non-toxic, child safe stains.

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