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DT Learning Products, Inc. -

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Age range   1 year thru 18 months      

Toy Type   ES   GP   SR   TY   WT  

Strengthen little hands with this portable, engaging 2-sided twistable clutching toy. Each of the wood triangle-shaped pieces, with soft rounded edges, can flip to reveal a different colorful surprise. Twist and flip different pieces to form a flower, a colorful pyramid, a shining star, or more fun shapes. Includes an activity guide with tips to play and learn with Bloom. Bloom helps to strengthens grasp and pincher skills, and its colors and designs stimulate vision development. It also helps children form and identify different shapes and learn that an object can change shape and return to its original form. HOW COMPANY IS GREEN: DT's Eco-Friendly product collection contributes to conservation and preservation of natural environment. Their products are made of beech wood sourced from sustainable forests and decorated with water-based paints. They are packed with materials printed with soy-based inks.

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