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Playful Patterns Heirloom Edition

DT Learning Products, Inc. -

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Age range   4 years thru 10 years      

Toy Type   CP   ES   GP   MA   SR   TY   WT  

Playful Patterns Heirloom Edition is an early childhood pre-math and pre-reading learning center that comes in an heirloom wooden box made of durable eco-friendly materials. 132 wooden geometric shapes and 34 progressively challenging designs help children practice logic and spatial thinking. Match the design cards or create your own open-ended patterns and images. The wooden storage box can double as self-contained work space. The box and shapes are made of beech wood and water-based paints and the labels and pattern cards are printed with soy-based inks. Design cards and instructions are trilingual (English, French, and Spanish). HOW COMPANY IS GREEN: DT's Eco-Friendly product collection contributes to conservation and preservation of natural environment. Their products are made of beech wood sourced from sustainable forests and decorated with water-based paints. They are packed with materials printed with soy-based inks.

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