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Triana Becomes a Real Tooth Fairy

Real Tooth Fairies -

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Age range   5 years thru 10 years      

Toy Type   BK   ES   GP   SR  

This is the newest in the Real Tooth Fairies series of eight books that offer girls laughter, life lessons, and tooth fairy magic in every story. The mission of these books is to build girls' character and self-esteem and to inspire girls to spread kindness in their world. Each book shows everything girls want to know about the magic land where the Real Tooth Fairies live, including where they take the lost teeth. This book, with a special focus on caring for the planet and its endangered species, tells about the courageous and kind act that Triana Fairy did to become a Real Tooth Fairy. The story begins with Triana Fairy being excited for the fairy safari field trip to the Earth. But the trip takes a surprising turn when a monkey sneaks back to Real Fairyland in Triana's bag. Will Triana save the monkey AND her friends from the monkey mischief? Things only get wilder when Stepella arrives! In the midst of this journey to Earth and back, Triana discovers a magical power that will change her life forever as she becomes the voice for the animals who have many stories they want Earthies to know.

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