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Fort Magic

Fort Magic -

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Age range   5 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AC   AP   CP   CT   ES   FP   LA   MA   PZ   SC   TY  

Fort Magic is a large-scale building and construction toy that combines the joy of building and engineering, with unlimited creative play for children and families. Similar to classic toys such as Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, or Lego, Fort Magic encourages children to use their imaginations and create unlimited designs. Fort Magic's unique, patented combination of sticks, connectors, and accessory clips creates opportunities for children to develop interest, readiness, and capacities to pursue science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) through hands-on learning. Founder Erika Pope-Gusev is a stay-at-home-mom turned ""mom-prenuer."" Once day while watching her 8-year-old son play in an old dryer box, she noticed that he became frustrated that the dryer box could only become the first thing he created. She was also not thrilled to have a big, tattered dryer box falling apart in her living room. She began thinking of a better way to satisfy her son's desire for "life-size" creative play, and that's when she invented Fort Magic. After two years of R & D, this life-size creative building toy was ready for sale and Fort Magic opened its doors.

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