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Learn With Homer

HomerLearning -

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Age range   0 thru 0 years      

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Learn with Homer is the only comprehensive learn-to-read system for the iPad. Created by top literacy experts, Learn with Homer includes a complete interactive phonics program, a library of beautifully illustrated stories, hundreds of science field trips, and exciting art and recording tools. With a rich world of stories, poems, folktales, fables, history, science, and rhymes, Learn with Homer marries classic literature and learning to contemporary family life, via the iPad. They’ve created a beautiful, quirky cast of characters, like Homer, a carrier pigeon-poet, the confident and clever Millie Monkey, and a pair of adorable twin kittens called Nip and Nap, to make learning fun. CEO and Founder of Homer, well-known education reformer Stephanie Dua, was on a mission to create an app based on the best teaching practices and aligned with the tough new standards of the Common Core. A former CEO of the New York City Fund for Public Schools, Dua was familiar with the Common Core state literacy standards and was senior advisor to David Coleman, the standards’ lead architect. HomerLearning launched its first product, Learn with Homer, a complete, comprehensive literacy system for children aged 2-7, on August 1, 2013.

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