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Candygrams -

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Age range   7 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   ES Educational   GE Game   LA Language  

Roll dice, match colors, make words! Candygrams is a new and original crossword game for 2-4 players and everyone ages 7 and up. Each player builds their own crossword by connecting one new word in each round, matching the “color combo” rolled by the dice. The first player to use all their letters in their crossword wins. Simple, challenging, and fun for a wide range of ages, including both kids and adults. Candygrams is a fast family favorite designed to bring people together, develop word skills, and sharpen minds. Candygrams was created out of a love for language and a desire for a word game that was truly fun, challenging, and exciting all at the same time. One that would make you think and challenge your brain, but ultimately feel like play. The mission for inventor Johnny Landers was to design a simple, yet strategic game that people of all different ages and skill levels could enjoy playing together. Creating the game has been a labor of love spending over two years playtesting and perfecting the product to ensure not just a first-rate gameplay and aesthetic experience, but also a durable, quality-made game that could span generations. Few word-making games actually exist on the market and are either slow and boring or way too fast. This is a word game that all ages can play together. There are two different ways to play, Standard and Express. Standard is perfect for families and strategists; Express is a fast-paced word race. Candygrams is easy to learn and simple to play, but quickly reveals hidden depth as strategies shift with every roll of the dice.

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