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The Baby Beluga Game -

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Age range   3 years thru 10 years      

Toy Type   BG Board Game   CT Cultural   EC Eco-friendly   ES Educational   GE Game   GG Geography   GN Green   SC Science   SR Socially Responsible   UN Unique  

The Baby Beluga Game is a new cooperative board game that offers plenty of learning and fun. Can Baby Beluga complete the Arctic journey to swim wild and free? There could be trouble along the way. Join the adventure as players use their smarts and hearts while working together to help Baby Beluga and his ocean friends. The game for 1-8 players has three levels of play suitable for children ages 3-10. Cooperative games positively influence teamwork, respect compassion, and help build children’s confidence. This is a quality product with special features, educational value, physical construction, fair-trade, and sustainability features. Teaches children how to cooperate through play. Beyond cooperation, children practice empathy and inclusiveness as they identify with the cheerful little whale whose goal is to gather all his friends to play “wild and free” together. The game setting, the natural Arctic environment, is portrayed with scientific accuracy. All the game’s characters are illustrated beautifully and at the same time, realistically. Teachers and parents can expand science learning by reading the game guidebook’s “Science Pages,” which profile the animals in the game setting. The Baby Beluga Game connects play with art and music. Music connects to the game through Raffi’s popular song. The game has been classroom-tested for different ages, is durable, and can be wiped with clean a damp cloth as needed. Game pieces meet or exceed all child-safety regulations. Readers and non-readers can play. Innovative box design allows the game box itself to be used for free-play. Snap the illustrated box lid and tray together by connecting Velcro dots. Wood playing pieces, laminated surfaces, and extra-thick cards enhance durability. Game parts stack securely for organized storage. There’s even a little canoe to hold tokens or cards! To download Raffi singing “Baby Beluga.” go to Then type in the code: wildandfree. The dedicated Baby Beluga Community website for sharing information includes a 32-page illustrated guidebook with easy directions, background information on cooperative play, and directions to active cooperative games. Features recycled paper; wood parts from sustainably managed forests in Maine and Vermont; virtually no plastic (expect for spinner arrow); vegetable-based inks; and is chlorine free. Made in the USA by a woman-owned company andprinted by worker-owned co-op in Santa Cruz, California. No advertising to children (promotes commercial-free childhood). Legendary children’s entertainer Raffi teamed up with educator Suzanne Lyons of to create this game. The game parts are illustrated by watercolor artist Ashley Wolff, who illustrated the original Baby Beluga book decades ago.

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