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Pretending to Grownup Game

Golden Bell Studios -

$29.95     Buy Now

Age range   12 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   CE Children's Entertainment   CG Card Game   CP Creative Product   GE Game   MM Multimedia   OP Outdoor Play  

Are you technically a grownup, but don’t feel like it? Pretending to Grownup is a hardcore casual card game featuring 132 unique cards inspired by everyday situations. It’s okay if you don’t consider yourself a grownup, your secret’s safe. Whoever said being a grownup was difficult never pretended this hard. Players will binge watch, espically high five one another, do nothing with their college degrees, eat kale, and awkwardly hold other people’s babies. Throughout the game, you’ll bluff and win tricks using the only three resources at a grownup’s disposal: time, money, and energy. You can face these problems or use the power of your imagination to bend the rules (like all millennials do). Includes a painted wooden meeple with a special in-game use. Guest cards from your favorite webcomic creators. With 32 guest artists, many of whom are popular on the web, there’s more fun for every game night and party you throw. Some of the additional webcomic favorites include Sarah Scribbles, Cyanide & Happiness, Awkward Yeti, Lunar Baboon, and more. Sometimes you’ll laugh and say “that’s sooo me!” The game is perfect for older kids and adults. This card game helps deal with stressful grownup situations by making things a bit less exhausting: like a rainbow. Rainbows can never be overbearing. The Unipegasaurus knows how to bend the rules of the game, but also the crazy creature bends the rules of reality and life itself. With the expansion pack included in every game, players understanding the real financial pressures of life can appreciate the added benefit of these special cards so they can invite more friends over to commiserate together. Pretending to Grownup is the most colorful way to adulthood since the unicorn, Unipegasaurus, just helps things by adding two times more the fun.

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