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Just Add Sugar

Griddly Games, Inc. -

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Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   CP Creative Product   CR Computer Related   EC Eco-friendly   ES Educational   SR Socially Responsible  

The sweet new science activity (STEAM) kit that is a delicious way for science to be even more fun. This kit comes with everything you need except for the sugar. Just Add Sugar for multiple organic chemical experiments and art activities. The product is the eco-friendly kit that will inspire any artist or scientist. Enjoy making homemade candy, of course, and don’t forget to clean up with your new homemade sugar-inspired soap! Just Add Sugar is the fourth product in the award-winning Griddly Games STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) line that already includes Just Add Milk, Just Add Sun, and Just Add Glue.The outstanding Canadian company founded in 2007 started as a small company with only a few board games and a big dream. It was the development of Wise Alec that really marked a new page in Griddly’s story. Focus then turned towards creating engaging games and content that would make learning into something memorable and would bring people together, which everyone in the family could cherish.

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