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Kellytoy -

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Age range   0 thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   AS Accessories, Decorations   FP Fantasy Play   PL Plush   TY Toy   UN Unique  

A snuggly alternative to high tech toys, the adorable, expanding, and innovative Squishmallows line is like no other plush toy. Squishy and super soft, these delightful characters are perfect for kids, tweens, collectors, and toy lovers of all ages. Influenced by the Japanese ‘Kawaii’ look, Squishmallows are made of super soft polyester with a marshmallow-like texture. The cuddly, versatile Squishmallows make great couch pals, pillows, bedtime buddies, travel companions, and can even serve as a friend in times of need to help relieve stress and anxiety. Popping with personality, all Squishmallows characters have their unique background stories detailed on 3D hangtags. You’ll get to know, Puff, a blue penguin who loves extra marshmallows in his cocoa; Fifi, the pink fox; Hoot, a grey owl; Holly, a purple owl; Hans, a hedgehog; Wendy, a green frog; Piper, a pink penguin; and Cameron, a calico cat. Caring for Squishmallows is easy: just wash in warm water, tumble-dry on medium heat, and give them lots of hugs and love. Squishmallows have trended into a collectors delight. The squad has become one of the must have toys. The delightful Squishmallows have expanded with more than 50 characters and seasonal styles; and more. The line was developed by Kellytoy, headquartered in Los Angeles, one of the world’s most influential manufacturers and distributors of plush toys and gifts. Price ranges from $2.99-$39.99, depending upon the size and style.

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