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Pyramid Arcade

Looney Labs -

$77.00     Buy Now

Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   BG Board Game   CP Creative Product   ES Educational   GE Game   MA Math   TR Travel   UN Unique  

Pyramid Arcade is a $77 game and well worth the investment. The set contains 119 high quality components and 22 unique games. It is the culmination of over two decades of game development with pyramid pieces. in addition to the 22 games in the set, you have access to over 500 fan created games online. It is not only an arcade full of games to play out of the box, but also the building blocks to a whole new universe of game design. They are also just fun to play and build with “Game Zero!” Because there are a multitude of different games and pieces in this set, it makes a great choice to play at home, or for an entire busy classroom.There are games for all ages, ability levels, and tastes in games. About half the games are strategy games; the rest are a mix of manual dexterity, press your luck, king of the hill, memory, cooperative, and other types of games. Three can be played by children as young as four years old; one has the depth of strategy of games like chess or go, taking years to master. This is a game that grows with your child and will last a lifetime. Some examples include: 1. Color Wheel–a beautiful solo or cooperative puzzle game, 2. Give or Take–a simple dice game suitable for young ages; 3. Martian Chess–a strategy game that turns regular chess on its head.The art design, both packaging and components, were done by award-winning graphic designer Eileen Tjan. Founded by two NASA scientists 22 years ago, Looney Labs is known for its intelligent, but accessible games. The company is women owned, commited to building community, contributing to social equality, and being environmentally responsible. All the card games are made in the USA from recycled paper and have passed safety testing. All the games are designed by Chief Creative Officer, Andrew Looney.
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