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MiaoKids Smart Kit

MiaoKids -

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Age range   2 years thru 8 years      

Toy Type   EG Electronic Game   EL Electronic Product   ES Educational   LA Language   MA Math   SC Science   TC Technology  

The MiaoKids Smart Kit (the physical component of the MiaoKids ecosystem) is designed to complement various MiaoKids applications, such as MiaoKids Wonder Math, that assist young learners in developing foundational academic skills through an open world of play-based learning. Designed for use at home, in the classroom, or on the go, the MiaoKids ecosystem is designed to serve as a novel bridge between artificial intelligence and the many brands of human intelligence that AI’s advancement can at times neglect. It uses eco-friendly materials. A single Smart Kit consists of 1 Wonder Pad, 23 Wonder Cubes, 8 Wonder Shapes, 1 storage box, 1 USB data line, and 1 instruction file. The Wonder Pad, a sensor board that constitutes the primary Smart Kit hardware, is engineered to serve as the bridge between MiaoKids play-based learning applications capable of running on a smart device interface – such as the MiaoKids Wonder Math application – and physical components such as Wonder Cubes and Wonder Shapes. The Wonder Cubes and Wonder Shapes have built-in chips that enable interaction with MiaoKids applications when the Wonder Pad is connected by Bluetooth to such devices. Aesthetically, the Wonder Pad has a subtle design that mimics the face of ChiChi, the signature MiaoKids cat character that permeates many of its games. The Wonder Cubes and Wonder Shapes come in bright colors designed to provide off-screen visual stimulation. Level-adjusted games also aid parents and educators in identifying age-appropriate challenges, and time controls can be managed in settings to assist in placing healthy parameters on children’s screen time. These well designed products help to create a better learning world by enhancing the integration of multiple intelligences and facilitating physical interaction with electronic learning support. Unlike many products that are exclusively housed in an application or exclusively in the form of physical toys, these unique and innovative kits enable engagement between those two (electronic and physical) worlds.

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