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Age range   6 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   EG Electronic Game   EL Electronic Product   EQ Equipment   FP Fantasy Play   GE Game   OP Outdoor Play   TC Technology  

Get off electronics and into an active game with Laser X—the ultimate high-tech game of tag. Full-color lighting and sound come together to make players feel like they’re inside a video game. But unlike a video game, Laser X gets kids (and adults) moving. New Laser X Fusion lets you take Laser X to the next level with modular components that let you customize your gear. Each set includes: 2 Laser X Fusion blasters, each with a 250-foot range; a Long-Range Adapter that extends the blasting range to more than 500 feet; a Spotting Scope to see opponents far away; a Wide-Range Adapter that lets you blast several players at once with a wider beam at close range; and 2 receiver vests that can be used by 2 players or worn together as a front and back vest. When worn together, players can activate a Blast Blocker that offers three seconds of “invincibility,” where you can’t get hit. Laser X Fusion can equip 2 players, or all the gear can be used together for the ultimate single player set-up. Some other features: Laser X Fusion features advanced sensors that know when players are blasting, being hit, running or hiding, and an interactive voice “coach” uses this information to offer tips and tricks throughout the game. Headphones (not included) can be plugged into the receiver vest, so players can listen to a stereo soundtrack while they play. Blaster beams go through windows and strategically bounce off walls and mirrors to hit opponents. All games can include an unlimited number of players, because all Laser X sets work together – no matter which blaster you have. Play one-on-one, in teams, or other settings. NSI International Inc. is a global marketer and manufacturer of innovative toys and children’s products under such established brands as Wubble™ Bubble Ball, Laser X™, Nickelodeon Gak™, Smithsonian® Science and Oglo™ sports.

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