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RIVAL 5 The Number Strategy Game

RIVAL 5 Game -

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Age range   9 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   BG Board Game   CP Creative Product   ES Educational   GE Game   MA Math  

RIVAL 5 - The Number Strategy Game is a “smart” game of skill and chance, for all ages. Players compute with 12-sided dice to find a number that will help them align 5 chips while blocking opponents. This multi-level, progressive skill builder challenges players to more complex thinking with increased experience. The game is easy to learn, quick to play, and is a fun, intergenerational game for 2-6 players. As a STEM tool, it is ideal for the classroom and home. Families reported high replay factor. Each time it was played was unique and fun. The game was invented by Carolyn Martin in a prison classroom when, as a teacher, she saw a student counting his fingers while trying to do algebra. She decided there was a better way to develop numeric fluency, learning while playing a game, and having fun. Her students loved it, played daily, and insisted on availabilty. That day, a special education student won against a college level tutor, each one playing his best. She decided to market the game. RIVAL 5 was widely and successfully tested. Players who said they weren’t good at or didn’t like math, played and immediately liked the game and said they would play again. Because of the chance and skill component, special education students were able to win against college-level players, and children could win against adults, each playing their best. Players said it generates creative thinking with numbers. Homeschool parents highly recommended it. Teachers said it was a hit in their classrooms and students didn’t want to stop playing. Retirees spent hours playing it because, they said, “It makes you think.” Players of all ages said, “I just want to keep playing it.” The strategic thinking needed to understand the game along with the math involved in playing the game makes this an educational winner. This is an American-made product assembled by special needs adults. The chips and dice will be manufactured in the USA by disabled adults. Several hundred games were assembled by a local blind association, and students at a school for special needs adults assembled the chips and dice for the last several hundred. They loved doing the project and are waiting for the next printing. The partnership with these organizations fulfills the company’s goal to empower others in the manufacturing process. Coarc, of New York, the only injection molding company in the world that exists to provide employment for special needs adults, will be manufacturing the chips and dice for the next printing. RIVAL 5 travels the world. with game rules in 39 languages, it will be used by teachers in refugee camps, prisons, and schools and help students of all economic levels to thrive in developing math fluency.The development of an app can be used with iPhones, tablets, and the web. This will empower people to play as the game is a universal, multi-language tool that can build bridges, not walls, connecting people as they develop skills while building friendships.

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