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My Little House

SmartFelt Toys -

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Age range   2 years thru 5 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   ES Educational   FP Fantasy Play   LA Language   TY Toy   UN Unique  

My Little House is an interactive, multi-sensory, multi-functional felt educational toy that helps build early language, vocabulary and more. Due to its unique design, MLH can be easily laid flat like a four-panel felt board, or easily assembled by any child into a reversible 3D felt playhouse. 37 matching (and sticking) felt pieces correspond to outlines in 8 colorful rooms. Every one of those different 37 tactile pieces has a purpose. Each one addresses an early language concept (inside/outside, on top/under, half/whole, empty/full, long/short, big/bigger/biggest, next to/behind, etc.). The four windows of MLH are different shapes. There are quantitative concepts to help with counting. MLH comes in a sturdy, classic style craft carry-case box to store your Little House and 36 felt pieces. Included in every box is a pamphlet insert that provides a handy primer on the rich educational and sensory language skills to instill through play. After years in the field, inventor, Yvonne Johansen, an experienced Speech Pathologist, realized there was no tool/toy that could serve the needs of all of her kids, so she decided to create one. And since her kids loved felt, she wanted to take the concept of a basic felt board to the next level. My Little House is a unique, fun, and super beneficial learning product for all children.

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