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Dr. Toy's   Best Classic Toys   of   2014


Message from Dr. Toy


10 Best Lists


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#CompanyToy NameAgePriceProduct CodesCust.Svc.www.
1.ALEX ToysGigantic 3-in-1 Net Set3y - 7y54.95AT   OP
2.ALEX ToysPound & Play Porcupine10m - 2y24.95WT
3.ALEX ToysSuper Cooking Set3y - 7y32.95FP   TY
4.Bigjigs ToysFire Station Play Set3y - 10y160.00ES   FP   TY   WT
5.Blue Orange GamesGobblet7y - 12y29.99BG   ES   GE   GP   PZ   SR
6.Center Enterprises, Inc.Ready2Learn™ Easy Grip Crayons18m - 10y13.99AC   AP   AT   CP
7.Cepia LLCThe Happy's4y - 12y19.99AT   CP   ES   PL   TY
8.DuneCraftCarnivorous Creations3y - 12y24.99ES   GP   NO   SC   SR
9.Fashion AngelsFashion Angels™ Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio6y - 12y9.99AC   AP   BK   CP   ES
10.Fort MagicFort Magic5y - 12y199.00AC   AP   CP   CT   ES   FP   LA   MA   PZ   SC   TY
11.Funnybone ToysFunnybones Game6y - 12y9.99AT   ES   GE
12.HomerLearningLearn With Homer0 - 0 years4.99AC   AP   BK   CG   CP   CU   EG   ES   FP   GP   LA   MM   PZ   SC   SR   TE   TR   TY
13.K'NEXK’NEX Building Sets: 52 Model Building Set7y - 12y24.99CT   ES   TY
14.K'NEXTINKERTOY: 100 Piece Essentials Building Set3y - 12y34.99CT   ES   TY
15.LEGO GroupLEGO City Helicopter Transporter5y - 12y44.99CT   TY
16.Lulu Jr.My Awesome Book6y - 12y39.99AC   BK   CP   ES   GP   SR
17.MEGA Brands Inc.Mega Bloks First Builders Classic Big Building Bag1y - 5y19.99AC   CP   CT   ES   PZ   TY
18.MagformersDinosaur Set3y - 12y99.99CT   ES   MA   SC   TY
19.MagformersRainbow 30 Piece Set3y - 12y49.99CT   ES   MA   SC   TY
20.MerrymakersPete The Cat Doll0 - 12y16.00CP   DL   PL   TY

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Toys   of   2014

#CompanyToy NameAge
Product CodesCust.Svc.www.
1.Automoblox Co.Mini Emergency 3 pack3y - 12y40.00CP   GP   TR   WT

Message from Dr Toy

"Classic toys" are long-lasting toys that "keep on playing". They are also updated, improved, and continue to please young and older players.

We are always searching for lasting favorites of all children. We also found some excellent new updates of classic toys. Parents need to balance children's play experiences between traditional and high tech, to be reminded that classic, highly beneficial toys are available. Parents will quickly recall the fun they had with classic toys.

Dr. Toy's Best Classic Toys, includes fun, skill building, high play value toys. Our Team carefully evaluates and selects the best products. "Classic toys are enduring and have many important benefits. They encourage the child's interaction, involvement, and are truly child-powered." A wide-variety is included among this year's winners. The list reflects toys that "are perfect for all ages, abilities, and interests from baby to older children, teens, and adults, from low to high tech, and from nature to nurture."

Classics are the 'basics' that never go out of style. "Classic toys are toys you return to from your own childhood. Traditional toys endure and continue to stimulate play." If you are at a loss for an appropriate toy for the child in your life, the suggestions found below in the Dr. Toy's Best Classic Toys will help you to easily locate valuable products with pertinent information. These toys have met the "test of time". They have endured, entertained, and satisfied young and old for many years, and will continue to do so for a long time.

"More playtime for all!" is Dr. Toy's "Rx" for children and adults.

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